Various Donations

  • In 2019 alone TDF Detroit supported various charity around $8,000 in India and local. Detroit out of which $3k was spent towards Jai Kisan project.

  • In 2021,we donated $1000 to Syamala Goli from Telangana who is an Endurance Swimmer at the age of 47.

  • Donated $2000 on Sirisha's demise due to cancer to help offset troubling family expenses.

Water Purifing in Anathsagar Village

The TDF Detroit chapter completed a project providing purified drinking water to a village as well as a school in Anathsagar village in Narayankhed Mandal Medak District. This was done in association with a team called ATRUISTS. The water was very salty with PPM levels of 900 and 1000, which is very very dangerous. The villagers travel around 5km to get potabale water which was also around 450 ppm. We teamed up with the altruists and installed a reverse osmosis water treatment plant of a 1000 liter capacity in the village that provides free water to the students at the school. We provided employment to a local person who is either a widow or a physically handicapped person who sells water to the villagers at a cheaper price, maintains the plant, and gets his/her salary from it. From doing this, we made the system self sufficient. Here are a few pictures and videos of the event.

Water Plantation
Helped Weaver Families in Sircilla Town

The TDF Detroit Chapter has identified 10 students from weaver families and distributed Rs.5000 to each family on July 12, 2018 in Sircilla town. The Sircilla District Collector, Mr. Krishna Bhaskar, joined in this event, distributed the money, and recognized TDF Detroit Chapter for doing such generous work to improve the living situation and helping poor students in Telangana.

Weaver Families Money Distribution
Media Coverage
TDF Detroit Chariity Services

Since 2014, TDF Detroit has been providing support to several charitable causes through fund raising campaigns from individual donations, conducting sports events-cricket tournament and by hosting free health camps..

We have provided support to the below causes and some of them have received the financial proceeds more than once. TDF Detroit’s goal is to expand our charity programs for many other causes based on the need and requirements. Our highest priority for this year and into next year is to identify the local community needs and provide more volunteering services to the Metro Detroit organizations. .

Vatsalyam – This organization is a home for blind and orphan kids and provides free education, food and accommodation from various charitable finance sources. TDF Detroit made generous donations to this organization twice.

Medical Emergency – Provided financial support to a under privileged 17 years old 12th grade student, Niharika who had to undergo chemo therapy for severe health condition.

Health Camps – Every year a free health camp is conducted by the doctors within the organization – Sugar, Blood Pressure checkup and provide other health related consultation. This invitation is open for all!

Vivek Teja (TDF USA Brand Ambassador) – Vivek is a martial arts professional and won several state, national and international level championships. TDF Detroit provided financial support to Vivek, who wanted to demonstrate the strength of martial artists by entering into Guinness books of world records, on a 1500 nails wooden plan bed and over 100 bikes pass over him, a feat not achieved by anyone. He was also provided financial support to participate in the Austrian martial arts championship.

Jaikisan Charity Service

TDF Jai Kisan is a project under TDF-USA organization and it is started in 2015 to support farmer issues in Telangana. Providing financial aid for suicide farmers, working with farmers in doing Organic farming and Zero Budget Natural Farming for Kharif and Rabi, providing awareness by giving training, providing infrastructure support for the needed (33 cow urine storage tanks), providing desi seeds to 160 farmers, Guiding through marketing products, Capturing challenges and experiences for cropping season, providing exposure visits to farmers.

So far TDF Jai Kisan extended financial support (Rs. 10000 per family) to 31 farmer families who committed suicide across Mahaboobnagar, Nalgonda, Warangal, Adilabad, Karimnagar, Medak districts, and also Rs. 25000 to a lady farmer who attempted suicide in Karimnagar district.

In year 2016, we worked with 100 farmers in 3 model villages at Perumandlagudem, Warangal, Talluru VenkataPuram, Kalluru, Khammam and Erragattu Tanda, Mellacheruvu Mandal, Nalgonda and in 2017, we are working with 27 farmers in Veshalapally, Bhupalpally and Talveda, Nirmal who are very keen in to using Sri Subhash Palekar ji’s Zero Budget Natural Farming. As part of the project, Jai Kisan worked with Telangana Go-Shala to provide 21 cows for ZBNF farming.

As part of providing relief to suicide farmers to generate extra income, team provided 4 sheep which can be reared and 4 stitching machines.

The functioning model of Jai Kisan team comprising of USA team, Project Manager and coordinators in India. Jai Kisan team is able to provide employment for about 6 people in Telangana. Team also closely working with Department of Agriculture officers, Krishi Vignan Kendra scientists, Trainings at Central Govt institutes on latest concepts and marketing strategies for farmers.

Part of the activity, Jai Kisan released a book on ZBNF and distributed to farmers, where in farmers can get immediate benefit of preparing herbal juices for the crop.

Benefit that provided directly to farmers are:

Reducing farming cost by using local ingredients, stopping chemical fertilizer usage by which soil fertility level increases and nutrient destruction is reduced, creating farmer societies to market their product which avoids middle men.

TDF Detroit conducted charity cricket tournament to support Jai Kisan project for 2016 and 2017 and generously donated about $5900.00.