About TDF Detroit Chapter

Telangana Development Forum is a not-for-profit organization established in 1999 to bring the people of Telangana origin together to discuss and contribute to the overall development of the region. TDF collaborates with individuals and organizations/groups that are willing to take up charitable activities for sustainable social, economic and cultural empowerment of the people of Telangana living in Telangana State and across the globe.

TDF Detroit Chapter is an important cog in the wheel of TDF-USA with an active group of volunteers spreading the organization’s core values through various activities over several years. TDF Detroit has the commitment and conviction to take the TDF’s mission forward by constantly developing, nurturing and mentoring its cadre to meet its objectives.

Bathukamma & Dasara

Bathukamma panduga or the flower festival is an enchanting occasion where young girls and middle aged women encircle the floral formations of ‘Gowri’ and sing and dance to the melodious ‘bathukamma bathukamma vuyyalo….’ in praise of the goddess. This festival represents the cultural spirit of Telangana and is celebrated over nine days during Durga Navarathri, which culminates with Dasara in the months of September-October.

TDF has been very instrumental in culturally unifying Telanganites through Bathukamma-Dasara Navarathri celebrations before the formation of Telangana State and continuing the tradition. It’s the time again to meet, celebrate and let camaraderie and joie de vivre Every year, TDF Detroit Chapter’s celebrations witness over-crowded halls filled with men, women and children in their traditional attires. Various committees are set up involving the organizers and volunteers to coordinate a successful event.


Life is a picnic when you park it! When the Mother Nature finally decides to thaw out Metro Detroit after an agonizingly long and sometimes brutal winter, it is time again to meet, celebrate and let the camaraderie and joie de vivre rise to new heights! Hundreds of Telanganites in the metropolitan Detroit area get together in the lush green environs of sprawling parks to make the spirit of Telangana soar fly high. And the setting is nothing but picture-perfect. Whether you relax on a blanket laid down under the shade of trees, sit at a table under the shelter or cook outdoors, the food just tastes better outside. The spread of authentic Telangana flavors, some of them prepared on-site is there to savor! This event by TDF Detroit is held every year in June.

Prof. Jayashankar Annual Cricket Tournament

Cricket, the “common man’s game” remains a popular chord to connect the people of the Sub-Continent. For TDF Detroit, it’s much more than a game as it has chosen this sport to foster relationships in the community. Prof. Jayashankar Cricket Tournament has been one of the biggest draws that the Indian cricket fraternity in metro Detroit area eagerly looks forward to every summer. Rightly TDF made significant inroads into an otherwise disconnected group of younger Telanganites through this tournament held in August.

“Thanks to TDF, we have forged an excellent relationship with lot of people in our Telangana community through Prof Jaishankar tournament,” the players vouch. The recent championship, the fifth edition, has seen more than 150 players representing 12 teams. The competition among teams is always at its peak and best seen to be believed. Enormous planning and meticulous execution by various committees involved mark the success of this tournament year after year.